Simplify, don't sacrifice.

We are a Coaching for Profits program that specializes in 6-max cash games. In our experience the CFP model is the best coaching model as the student’s and coaches goals are completely aligned. Our goal is to equip our students with the necessary skills required to move up to the highest stakes. To achieve this we teach a theoretically sound approach that uses efficient simplifications to achieve an implementable winning strategy.


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Results since 2020

~7bb win rate

Avg Stake 1000NL




Results since 2022

~6bb win rate

Avg Stake 1000NL




Results since 2020

~5bb win rate

1000NL - 5000NL

Our Community

We have one simple motto - don't do it alone. While the Poker With Riske coaches found success as individuals, it was the daily collaboration and community that launched their professional careers in poker. Joining PWR means being a part of a community of people with the same goal of improving their game, day in, day out.Our Discord server is active around the clock. This is where students can share hand histories, discuss strategy and even hop on student-led study sessions. Our inclusive community is filled with hard working and driven individuals. Professional poker can be an isolated, lonesome grind, but with the PWR team, it doesn't have to be.

Our Students

1:1 Coaching

Additional one-on-ones based on volume thresholds

2 group coaching sessions per week

4 additional training videos per month

Weekly streams featuring a head coach playing mid/high Stakes

Access to our video library, exclusive PDF's, and past training sessions

GTO preflop ranges/ PIO solver parameters/ HM2 /PT4 HUDS

Community of like-minded poker players

Selection Process

Our application process is always open! If you are selected, we’ll contact you to schedule the first interview within 15 days. The phases of the selection process are as follows:

1. Application Review

2. Interview with our Coaches

3. Contract Signature

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